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  • 1990 - 1995
  • Finished
  • City of Ghent
  • Twin Gent

  • City of Ghent administration centre

  • Ghent Zuid


Twin was the culmination of the forty-year-old EGW project, i.e. the design of a second identical building opposite the listed pediment created by the Ghent sculptor Jozef Cantré. The result is a contemporary design that contains elements of the original concept. Extensive use of glass and metal provides maximum transparency for visitors to the administration centre establishing a link through to the park.

Project Description

The building reveals itself to visitors engendering a sense of honesty by virtue of its structural transparency and visible technical items such as columns and ventilation ducts. After many years, the Zuid’s function as a square was re-established by combining it with the Urbis project opposite. The square acts as a pivotal point between the city centre and one of the most important green areas forming a focal point for city life.

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