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  • 2019 - 2021
  • In study
  • WoninGent
  • Wolfput

  • Social housing

  • GFA 50 000 m², 367 units

  • Ghent, Wolfputstraat-Muizelstraat


Plans are being drafted for the development of a residential district comprising 365 residential units for WoninGent. Based on a spatial study by environmental design agency BUUR a development plan will be drawn up in close consultation with the Ghent public service for urban development and spatial planning and various other municipal services.

The project concerns a vacant plot bordering on Wolfputstraat and Muizelstraat, near the village centre of Oostakker, and on which any existing structures will first need to be demolished.

Project Description

Wolfputstraat and Muizelstraat can be accessed primarily from the main street. An urban square will be built at the Muizelstraat junction. The various residential streets will branch out at right angles to this main axis. A green axis will run parallel to the main axis, which will serve as a connecting route for cyclists. The north-eastern part of the site will be given its own access to Muizelstraat.

The project was designed to take into consideration the collective green areas and standard of living. A significant portion of the public space will be reserved for access roads, parking facilities and a large, extensive parking zone. The consultancy firm Studiebureau D+A will draw up further plans for the allocation of the public domain.

The greatest portion of the residential district will comprise ground-floor residences and a number of multi-family residences. The residential clusters will be characterised by closed or semi-open building elements. Every residence will have a garden that will either border on the public domain or can be accessed via a footpath adjacent to the garden. There are two types of multi-family residences: larger and smaller ones. The larger units are located along Wolfputstraat, on the edge of the uninterrupted green zone. The smaller multi-family residences will be arranged in the fashion of terraced houses. These are located on the square situated to the south, near the grass field.

Most of the residences and apartments will have southern or south-western exposure. The residential plots with a north-eastern exposure will be wider to enable terraced houses with living rooms spanning the entire length of the house to be designed.

The project is adapted to the local traffic. The central axis will serve as the connecting element between Wolfputstraat and Muizelstraat The streets branching out from these streets will be car-free or low-traffic. A cycling route will cross the site between the Oostakker village centre and the green ‘Gent Dampoort – Oude vlieghaven Oostakker’ axis. The design will provide for numerous crossings, footpaths and cycle paths, making the site highly accessible for vulnerable road users. As a result, the various green zones will merge into one another.

With the exception of the underground parking facilities of the larger multi-family residences parking will be largely concentrated in designated car parks. These will be created at various points throughout the site, ensuring that walking distances will be kept to a minimum.

WoninGent and Stad Gent (public service for the environment) have engaged the consultancy firm Ingenium to conduct a study into the realisation of a sustainable energy concept for the district. The district will be heated by means of individual heat pumps. No connections will be made to the gas grid.

Submitting application for an allotment permit, start design first phase of approximately 80 units: 2019

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