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  • 2012 - 2014
  • Finished
  • Sociale huisvestingsmaatschappij Volkshaard cvba - so
  • Volkshaard Einde Were

  • Social housing

  • Apartment building 1.299 m²

  • Ghent, Einde Were - Henri Dunantlaan


In order to comply with the requirements of the Land and Property Decree issued by the City of Ghent, a number of social housing units had to be built within the large residential project ‘Residence Jean Daskalidès’ (101 apartments); the additional buildings around consist of an apartment block accommodating 15 dwellings, one new single-family detached house and a renovated single-family home. All are positioned around a park area to which all have access and thus close off the entire block.

Project Description

In close consultation with the various departments of the City of Ghent, it was decided to restore and seal this suburban area. This creates a strong separation from the green of the sports and recreation area of Blaarmeersen.

By way of a 6 meter wide cycle route on the site of the apartments, local residents can safely and peacefully access the Blaarmeersen amenities and the hospital beyond. Covered parking spaces are provided on the ground floor of the apartment building. These can be accessed through a section of the cycle path.

The intention of the design was to give all dwellings a private outdoor space in order to raise quality of life. Just like the large residential project, the social housing project includes a wide variety of apartment types.

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