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  • 2016 - 2022
  • Finished
  • Aldea Construct nv
  • Ce’s Arts

  • Assisted living units with common spaces and apartments

  • 6,024 m² housing, 3,636 m² underground car park/basement, 1,200 m² common space, 42 assisted living units, 18 apartments

  • Corner of Kortrijksesteenweg - Marnixstraat, Ghent


Covering an area of 2,175 m², of which 761 m² are laid in garden, the plot is located on the corner of the Marnixstraat and the Kortrijksesteenweg, an important axis linking the station to the centre of Ghent.


Project Description

The existing office building, the former Royal Belge, will be demolished while maintaining the two underground levels: an underground car park with space for 42 cars and a technical underground floor which also accommodates the storage units. These floors constitute the base on which the new building will be erected. The new building includes assisted-living units with associated communal space, commercial space and apartments.

There is a commercial unit and the main entrance to the assisted-living housing on the street side, along the Kortrijksesteenweg. This main entrance leads through a light-filled, spacious common area to other staircase and elevator shafts. From the street, the view of the garden through the building creates transparency. Apartments with their own entrances, the entrance to the car park and an additional entrance to the assisted living units are planned on the side of Marnixstraat.

The façade swaps closeness for open surfaces, with a nod to the environment. The historic building line at the corner is characterized by a curvature that, in the design, will be restored from the first floor.

For the apartments in the Marnixstraat and the assisted living units in the Kortrijksesteenweg, a different architectural language has been used in both the materials and finish. The materials selected for the assisted living housing are enamelled stone, steel joinery and glass balustrades. They very effectively connect the old and the new. The façade of the apartments in the Marnixstraat is finished with painted plaster render, which enhances its connection with the types of facades found on that street. There, the railings are made from steel bars.





AVS, ontmanteling voormalig AXA-gebouw

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