Stapelplein Ghent



Project Stapelplein is situated close to the Dok Noord Ghent project site. The project is easily accessible via the Ghent inner ring road and offers extremely interesting access opportunities.

The project consists of four three-bedroom apartments, twelve two-bedroom apartments and six one-bedroom apartments.

The design creates aesthetic unity by remedying the fragmentation caused by several properties being demolished. Consequently the site acquires a recognisable character that respects the environment. The forms and façade architecture of the new buildings constitute a valuable reference to the existing town houses. Closing up the building creates a quality green internal space, partly constructed on an underground car park.

The new building between the two existing properties consists of three floors with a receding roof space. The height of the new building along Stokerijstraat is effectively aligned with the relevant existing building, but there is an accent at the corner with four floors, to produce an authentic transition to Stapelplein.

The volumes are designed in such a way that the architecture of the buildings is still readable. The strict rhythm is interrupted with a certain regularity. The different materials used in the façade also enhance the design.

The design of the façade is sleek and bold. The large terraces serve as functional, usable outdoor spaces. The ground floor offers commercial and office space. At the rear is a garden for all residents to enjoy, which can be easily accessed via the entrance halls on the ground floor. This creates a kind of thoroughfare.

The new building distinguishes itself from the surrounding properties due to the use of materials, without disrupting the harmony. The choice was made for a building in white sandstone and one in white brick.

The joinery for the new buildings is in aluminium. The cornice and roof edges match the joinery in terms of the choice of colour for the new constructions. The buildings to be retained will be restored to their former glory. This will be achieved by retaining the wooden joinery and renovating it where necessary. The façade of property number 38 will be plastered white; its original colour was dark.

The cornices of the existing buildings will be restored to produce profiled cornices. The zinc roofing material on number 38 will be replaced with clay roof tiles.


client Global Life 4 NV
site Stapelplein, Ghent
function Multi-family housing with commercial and office space (22 units)
area 1768 m²
building permit May 2018
completion date 2019-2020
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