EY is an office-type building at plot 07 of TAKE OFF, which fits seamlessly into the row of buildings already, and still to be, developed in this zone.

The building has four floors above ground and a semi-underground technical level with parking space. The footprint amounts to 1,487 m², for a total ground level GFA of 5,263 m². The semi-open parking space can accommodate 42 cars and 52 bicycles.

The building offers space for two separate users, both of which can use a number of shared functions. This is translated in the building's form: two spaces comprising four floors, following on from each other, with a central intermediate space consisting of two floors that serve to connect the two spaces.

The shared functions concern a reception, a company restaurant and a business centre. The reception is accessible from both sides of the building.

The office space is open plan, thanks to the floor panels that run from wall to wall without any central columns or beams. This makes the internal space extremely flexible.

The building is characterised by simple but sleek, and superbly detailed architecture, with glass and steel as the materials that dominate the façade. The latter is fully glazed, with a combination of transparent and non-transparent surfaces that follow a fixed modulation. Each storey is accentuated along the exterior by an elegant horizontal steel awning, which emphasises the pronounced length of the building and also fulfils a technical fire safety role. As a result the height of the glass façade surfaces are maximised and the light is able to penetrate deep inside.

Most of the technical installations are located on the semi-underground technical level. A few installations are positioned on the roof in a fenced off zone.


client Mentres
site Pauline Van Pottelsberghelaan 20, 9051 Ghent (The Loop plot 07, batch 2 through 6)
function Office-type building at plot 07 of TAKE OFF with parking space
area 5.263 m²
building permit June 2016
completion date 2018
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