delen private bank - coupure 102



The historical value of a building from 1916 was one of the key starting points for this design of reception areas and offices for a private bank. The intention was to preserve the existing building as much as possible and, where possible, bring the rooms back to their original configuration. The unique character of the building is maximized by the introduction of natural light, supplemented by discreetly planned artificial lighting.

A clear and recognisable passage to and through the building provides a safe environment for customers and staff. They can reach the various levels by two lifts and a grand staircase. Meeting rooms have been arranged on the ground floor and the first floor. The second floor is designed for large offices. The space under the mansard roof is designed to receive customers and offers a panoramic view of the central district ("De Kuip") of Ghent.

In order to maintain the historical value of the building, the technical installations (HVAC, server room and alarm system) are housed in a new building. Even though based on a contemporary design, the use of materials echoes the natural stone in the historical building. A glazed walkway with a transparent elevator connects this volume with the main building.

At the back an underground car park (19 spaces) provides a secure and discreet access to the building. Above the car park there is room for a town garden overlooking the park behind.


client Delen Private Bank
site Coupure Rechts 102, Ghent
function reception area and office
area existing building 1,330 m², extension 172 m², car park 600 m²
building permit 2011
completion date 2011-2013
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