This project involves the development of 13,453 m² of retail space, 14,778 m² of office-type space and 13,511 m² of offices at the roundabout serving the new Ghelamco Arena in Ghent.

A pedestrian and cycle axis leads from this roundabout through the Artevelde Park site. Visitors use this path to access the semi-underground parking for football supporters (1,128 spaces) and, under a canopy, the entrance to the trading area, with storage and drive-in. This canopy forms an articulation between the office buildings and retail building and creates an urban meeting place. The strong façade lines and openings of the retail building interrupt the monolithic aspect of the street side. The roof is slightly sloping and fully used as a green roof.

Along the R4 and the Ringvaart canal two focus buildings are planned (max. height of 40 m) to be used as offices and office-type spaces. The bright glass structure of the office buildings contrasts with the more enclosed architecture of the lower retail building.

An above-ground car park (436 spaces) is planned between the two office buildings and the pedestrian axis approximately at the level of the roundabout. Due to its semi-underground location the football supporters' car park opens along the Ottergemsesteenweg. This ensures smooth evacuation and ventilation. The parking also has space for 350 bicycles. For the retail spaces and offices there are an additional 220 bicycle parking racks above ground.

The total surface area of the green is 8,896 m². The ground level adapts to the raised level of the roundabout and the connections at the level of the Sluisweg road. This creates green embankments at different locations which make the transition between existing and new canals with adapted vegetation.


client Ring Investments nv
site Ottergemsesteenweg, Ghent
function offices, office-type space, semi-underground parking and retail
area 41,742 m² building area, 44,105 m² parking area
building permit 2009
completion date 2015
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