The existing building was demolished to make way for a contemporary office building with a residential unit. A landscaped square serving as an open parking zone was created in front of the building. A water feature along the entire width forms a transition from the parking zone to the entrance. A classic two-storey building with a saddleback roof formed the basic concept. This was fully clad in rustic, reddish-brown tiles. Large portions of the building where recessed with smooth, high-tech materials on the front and rear ground floors, as well as in the roof. These slanting, east-west oriented openings allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the building. The north-south orientation is purposely obstructed to block the sun and provide insulation against the cold. A bicycle rack and waste storage area was built next to the building as a sort of smaller brother.


client Acasa Projects
site Kortrijksesteenweg (Sint-Martens-Latem)
function Office building + residential unit
area 1,353 m²
building permit 2005
completion date 2007
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