This new office development project is situated along a busy access route to Ghent. This in conjunction with the offices' intended usage underpins the building's solid and industrial character. It consists of two spaces with clean lines stacked one on top of the other. The site's depth was fully utilized to create as many car parking spaces as possible with a 4 m wide corbelling above the entrance. A terrace on the upper floor acts as an additional buffer between the executive offices and the busy road below. The terrace does not obstruct the visibility from outside, yet provides adequate intimacy inside.
Contrasts between facade materials are boldly delineated. Concrete panelling with a lightly acidified surface finish, African teak exterior joinery and clear glass were selected. Panelling and window openings follow a modulation of 160 cm. Ground-floor and upper-level panelling have been slanted yet follow the same modulation to further emphasize the building's horizontality.


client Creas Bedrijfsvastgoed
site Kortrijksesteenweg 1035 (Sint-Denijs-Westrem)
function Office building
area 268m²
building permit 2006
completion date 2008-2009
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