european parliament



This project involved extending the European Parliament's existing conference centre. Building D2 was designed as a half-oval to reflect the shape of Building D1 thus creating a harmonious single entity. The building's curved side elevations have a calming effect while making a subtle reference to 19th-century North American Capitol buildings.

The 20,000-m² building has a multi-purpose exhibition space on the first floor, two parliamentary meeting rooms each seating 36 people, two briefing rooms seating 120 people and two smaller rooms each seating 60 people. The third floor is largely taken up by a room seating 320 people intended for large parliamentary committee meetings. There are approximately four hundred offices in the D2 wing.

This project was completed as part of the CIC architectural partnership (Dirk Bontinck, CRV, M. Vandenbossche, CDG).


client Promotion Leopold (Brussels)
site Parc Léopold (Brussels)
function Conference Building D2 for the European Parliament
building permit 1989
completion date 1995
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